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Dr. Mitzi Collins

Dr. Mitzi Assists in Healing Your Mind & Body with

~ Unlimited Love
~ Spiritual Synthesis &
~Focused EnergyWork

Before you can completely protect yourself and become healthy, happy, peaceful and propserous, you MUST know how to increase your energetic frequencies!

Dr. Mitzi is excited and honored to assist you in accomplishing this imperative, life-sustaining process.

As an Energy Therapist and Spiritual Teacher, she has accumulated more than 30 years of experience teaching, counseling and performing Energy Therapy and Healing sessions.  Dr. Mitzi has performed numerous sessions in the Tri~Cities, Tennessee/Virginia area with phenomenal success.  She is now offering these extraordinary opportunities to the rest of the world.

Transform Your Energy & You Transform Your Life!

Transform Your Thoughts & You Transform Your Destiny!

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Are You Intrigued By or Confused About All of The Excitement Concerning Energy, Frequencies, Vibrations and Ascension?

You’ve Come To The Right Place!

This is your safe space to experience the benefits of authentic and powerful energy therapy performed by a loving, humble, honest and experienced Energy Therapist and Spiritual Teacher.

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